Music: VirtuaX

Will you trade your flesh and blood for steel and chrome?
Will you risk blowing up your mind for a piece of magic power?
Will you keep your shit together when bullets, drones and lightning bolts start flying?
Will you pay what it costs to be the best?

If you are here, it's because you think you have what it takes to be shadowrunner...

Welcome to Sixth World!

Cyberpunk dystopia

What we've been promised in the 1980s is finally here. Virtual Reality is becoming commonplace, people get more and electronic, cybernetic implants, governments one by one bend to the will of global corporations, technological progress is becoming so rapid, no one is able to keep up, cities get bigger and flooded with neon-lights and smog, hackers/crackers now attack economies of the places we live in, our cars, our homes and even our watches and refrigerators.

Our promised cyberpunk reality is finally here. Enjoy!


Shadowrun is a science fantasy role-playing game set in a near-future, in which cybernetics, magic and fantasy creatures co-exist. It depicts a dark world in which elfish hackers (deckers) infiltrate corporations owned by millennia old dragons, while orc street samurai fight off electronic drones as well as mages and shamans. World in which old magic awakened and together with modern technology changed reality forever.


Also known as Retrowave or Futuresynth is the embodiment of the retro-futurism in the XXI century. It's a style inspired by soundtracks and electronic music from the 1980s. For many it's a an echo of the dissonance of the positive hopeful vibes and the grim reality of the decade. For others, who were either born in the 80s themselves or later, it's reminder of music, movies and books that promised dark times brightened only by neon lights.

Eastern European Transformation 

Most people in the western world have a very clear distinction between the culture and media of the 80s and 90s. People blessed with living behind the Iron Curtain, not so much.

In 1989 when the whole Eastern Block started collapsing and former communist countries entered an era of transformation, all cultural borders have suddenly been lifted. Movies, books, music, video games started pouring in a gigantic, never seen before, stream. Everything whether produced in the 70s, 80s or contemporary became a gigantic mix of "Western Culture".

For anyone living in Eastern Europe in the 90s, the world would change on a daily basis. Old monuments destroyed and new constructed in their place, new ideas, new ways of living, new fashions coming in like a tsunami of change.

But that also meant that the distinction between what was old, but not available before and brand new, was very blurry. It was not uncommon for people to discover Depeche Mode, Queen and Nirvana at the same time.

For many people from behind the Iron Curtain the sound of the 80s and the sound of the 90s, is the same thing, the sound of the world changing before their eyes.


Combining all of these is VirtuaX, a musical project from Amsterdam, trying cope with our dystopian retro-future/reality while bringing a unique, brutal Eastern European sound to the Synthwave scene.

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