Tuesday 10 March 2020


Small PSA

As the development of the isometric RPG is progressing, it needs have its own proper identity.
Therefore all development on the game itself will be done under the name of the game studio I'm setting up:


That also means this blog will only post info about the Zaria Game Framework and general Game Development and Tech stuff.

For more info on the game and the studio:

Split View

The work on the isometric RPG is progressing quite well. Even though the scope of the game is fairly limited the amount of assets that needs to be created is staggering. Given the limited resources I have, the only way to progress is to automate as much as possible and optimise every step of the creation process. To that end I have created a large amount of template assets as well as scripts which are used to process them. 

And although I will write more about the process and automation I have employed. This post is about editing scripts. 

So far I have been using mostly three text editors:
  • NetBeans (for Java code)
  • Atom (for Python, GLSL and bash)
  • Zone Editor (for game and editor scripting)
Out of those three the last one is the least mature and when I continue developing the game a find more and more features I feel like adding which are already present in the other two. Recently I found myself editing older scripts and needing a lot of others for reference, which resulted with a lot of tab switching. I wished I had more than one script on screen. Therefore the latest addition to the Zone Editor is the split view.

You are now able to edit two scripts or asset files at the same.
It's also possible to have one file in graph view while another is in text view.
Of course you move tabs around and all of the menus are sensitive to the state and type of file that is currently in focus.

There are many other modifications I need to do. However given how the editor is structured it is fairly easy it extend and improve.