Thursday 27 July 2017


Earlier this year I started a synthwave/trance/digital hardcore musical project called VirtuaX. First track from the EP I'm working on, is released and available for listening on YouTube.

Tuesday 4 July 2017

DevGAMM Moscow 2017

Between 18th and 19th of May I had the privilege of speaking at DevGAMM conference in Moscow.

It was quite an experience to open the whole conference and meet a lot of wonderful Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus developers. Including the wonderful and very talented people at Ice-Pick Lodge, who are hard at work on Pathologic.

Again I talked about quests and the Quest System in Horizon Zero Dawn, but this time I had the opportunity to get a bit more technical.

The conference was unlike I have ever seen before, relaxed, not very formal and very, very friendly. Also a bit crazy as this picture shows:

Yes that is Chris Taylor (damn that dude is ripped) and Jon Carnage on stage :D